CHAPTER 16 – Ace The Ex Boyfriend

With his lips bleeding, Zayden pushes Titus away and makes his way to another room where Maximus and Enzo stay with Titus. Once inside the room, Zayden quickly takes a cold shower.

Lukas feels his heart pumping way too fast when taking off Joey’s singlet with shaking hands, he then caresses Joey naked torso and presses his lips onto Joey when there is a knock on the door.

The knock startles Lukas and he jumps away from Joey, unable to react. The knocks persist and a voice comes out, “Hey Joey, Ryker here. The food is ready. You okay in there?”

Joey starts to groan and freaks Lukas out, he quickly places his palm on Joey’s mouth to stop him from making more noises. Joey begins to fidget and tries to move the hand away while making louder noises.

Hearing some muffles from outside, Ryker knocks more urgently and says firmly, “I will come in if you are not opening the door now.”

Lukas pins Joey to the bed spread-eagled and uses the nearby towel to cover Joey’s mouth.

Realizing he has not locked the door, Lukas releases Joey and gets to the door anxiously but he is not fast enough before Ryker opens the door.

Seeing Joey at the state where Lukas leaves him, Ryker immediately grabs Lukas by his shirt collar when he tries to flee the room.

What the fuck! What did you do to Joey?” Ryker demands before raining blows on Lukas.

Everyone is surprised when Zayden appears at the barbeque pit with his bruised face to ask Enzo to send him home.

Sensing something is amiss, Enzo quickly agrees; “Let me get my car key from the room.”

Zayden stops him weakly, “Take my car okay?”

Not long after Zayden and Enzo leave, Titus sends a Telegram message to the committee leader informing her that he is leaving early with Georgina, as she too is feeling unwell.

It is the first time Enzo is driving Zayden’s BMW M8 Coupe so while he is focusing in managing the supercar, he keeps stealing glances at Zayden to ensure he is fine.

Unlike his brother Maximus who is essentially a curious baby, Enzo is the exact opposite and never probes unless it has been shared with him voluntarily.

Breaking the silence in the car, Zayden slurs; “Thanks Zo. I really needed help as my mind is not clear and I am feeling very weird.”

“What’s wrong, Zayden? You looked terrible.” Enzo asks.

Zayden takes a deep breath and tells Enzo the whole episode with Georgina, leaving Enzo in total disbelief.

Back with the additional charcoal and food, Hank and Maximus make their way to the barbeque pit and are surprised to see everyone speaking in hushed tones and no one is paying attention to the barbequed food.

After learning from the group that Enzo has driven Zayden home and Titus and Georgina have left early as well; Maximus gives a call to Enzo; “Hey, is everything ok?”

Yes he is al’rite, I will stay with him a while more to make sure he gets some sleep and then I will hitch Uber back to the villa.” Enzo replies.

Not seeing Joey anywhere and since Enzo is not yet back, Hank makes his way to the room to see if Joey is there.

Hank is surprised to see Joey’s head resting on Ryker’s shoulder when he opens the door.

What’s wrong with Joey? Is he okay?” Hank asks worriedly and walks towards them.

He is not feeling too well, just manages to doze off. Don’t wake him, let him get some rest.” Ryker whispers.

Ryker stays in the room with Joey and Hank that night, Lukas on the other hand sneaks into the room in the wee hours to take his belongings and leave the villa without alerting anyone.

Joey realizes he has fallen asleep on Ryker’s chest when he wakes up in the early morning the next day.

Feeling dehydrated and lethargic, Joey tries to get up quietly but his movement wakes Ryker nonetheless.

Opening his eyes slowly, Ryker hugs Joey tight, he asks gently; “You okay? What do you need? Water?”

Yes I am thirsty and I have a spinning headache.” says Joey weakly.

Ryker sits up and makes space for Joey to lie on the pillow, “I will get water for you. You rest here.”

I don’t want to stay here.” pleads Joey.

Ryker looks at the sound asleep Hank and says; “Let’s not wake him up and I don’t know where that rascal is so I don’t want you to go back to the hall either. Why don’t we go back to Ridge’s Hall and rest in my room? My roommate always goes home on weekends.”

Concerned that Hank will be worried if he does not see him when he wakes up, Joey asks Ryker to leave a note to let him know they have left.

Ryker holds on to Joey’s hands to ensure he is holding on to him on his Ducati 916 throughout the journey, and drives slowly to make sure Joey does not feel discomfort if the speed is too fast.

After parking his Ducati 916, Ryker helps Joey to remove his modular helmet and then places his long strong arms over Joey’s shoulder to support him, as he is not walking properly.

Joey slumps onto Ryker’s bed as soon as they are in the room.

Seeing Joey falling in and out of sleep, Ryker pours Joey a glass of water and says; “I will head out to get you some hot food, you just rest here and grab some sleep if you can.”

Joey nods subconsciously.

Midway into his disrupted sleep, Joey is woken up by a series of urgent knocks.

Forcing himself to get down the bed, Joey makes his way to the door.

Who are you? What are you doing in Ryker’s room?” comes the demanding voice when Joey opens the door.

Still in a blurred state, Joey looks at the guy and can only register the guy has a lot of tattoos on his hands and neck.

That guy sizes Joey up and down, thinking to himself; “His handsome is beyond words. What an attractive man.”

I am sorry. I am Joey, a friend of Ryker. He is out getting food but should be back soon.” Joey tries to remain sober.

I am Ace, Ryker’s boyfriend.” and the man tries to bulldoze his way in when Ryker appears.

Correction, it’s ex boyfriend. What are you doing here, Ace?” Ryker asks sternly.

I never agreed to the breakup. I am here to see you.” Ace challenges.

Ryker moves across Ace and blocks the door; he turns to look at Joey, “Go back to your rest. I will let you know once the food is ready.”

Joey nods quietly. Ryker then looks at Ace, “I have told you I don’t want to see you here.”

Ace’s offensive stance tones down a little, “You sure you want to do it here at the corridor? Fine! I have apologized already, what do you still want?”

I want you out of my life.” Ryker says affirmatively.

Do our three years together not meant anything to you?” Ace presses on.

Ryker looks straight into Ace’s eyes, “I wasn’t the one who cheated more than once in that three years.”

Ace looks away, avoiding Ryker’s stare; “I am sorry. I really love you. I promise it will not happen again.”

You said that before, twice.” Ryker says coldly.

Is it because of the guy in there? Come on, he is just another pretty boy. You don’t go for that type, you want bad boys like me!” Ace argues.

Stop it, Ace. You are making a fool of yourself. It’s over between us. Just leave.” Ryker is losing his patience.

I will not go down without a fight, I tell you. If I can’t have you, I won’t let that pretty boy gets you either!” Ace raises his voice.

Ryker grabs Ace by his shirt collar, warns him; “If you dare to lay a finger on Joey, I will crush you.”

Ace pushes Ryker away, “Just wait and see!”

Closing the door behind him, Ryker relaxes his clenched fist. He breathes out heavily and walks to the kitchenette to lay out the food.

Ryker is about to walk over to the bed to wake Joey when he sees Joey already sitting up.

Feeling better?” Ryker quicken his pace to Joey and reaches out to feel his forehead when asking.

Joey manages a smile, “Yes better. Hmm. Smells nice. What did you buy?”

Porridge and soup. You should take more liquid food, let me get you a set of fresh clothes so you can take a shower later and change into them. After that, I will accompany you back to your room to grab some clothes. You should stay here with me these two days.” Ryker says gently.

Joey is halfway through his food when his phone rings.

Jo, what happened last night? You looked terrible but I dare not wake you up to ask further and you left without telling me this morning.” Hank blabbers on the other line.

Putting down his spoon, Joey tells Hank everything.

What the fuck! That bastard. I am so going to kill him! You are not to go back to your room anymore. I will accompany you to the student affairs on Monday to ask for a room swap.” Hank says angrily.

I know, I am staying with Ryker these two days as I don’t want to go home and let mum see me in my current state. I will see you on Monday then.” Joey says.

After hanging up the phone, Joey sees Ryker is looking at him curiously but before he can say anything, Ryker asks; “Is that my competitor on the phone with you? That Mr Campus co-winner?”

Joey lets out a laugh, “His name is Hank. He is not your competitor in any sense. He is my best buddy and looks over me like a jealous big brother. It also doesn’t help that he enjoys portraying himself as my man.”

Ryker smiles, “Interesting fellow. Good that he is not a competitor, the competition is already too tough with enough Mr Campus winners who are so into you.”

Joey feels embarrassed with Ryker’s advances, he tries to avert the attention by asking; “Looks like you were in a messy relationship?”

Ryker sits closer to Joey, looks at his eyes and says in his deep manly voice; “So you are now finally interested to know more about me? I will be more than happy to tell you everything.”

Ryker shares with Joey that he first met Ace in a club when both of them were eyeing the same girl and engaged in a drinking competition to get her attention but alas the girl was disgusted with their uncouth behavior and left.

Ryker and Ace got so drunk that night and their respective friends put them up at a motel and one thing led to another, they had sex and a few more after that, they then decided to be in a relationship.

But Ace is an out and out player, flirting with both men and women even when they were together.

Though Ryker also flirts with both sexes, he didn’t cast a second look at another person when he was in the relationship with Ace.

Of course Joey heard the part of Ace cheating on Ryker when they were arguing at the door, and after finding out Ace cheated on Ryker a few times; Ryker decided to calls it quits.

I would never see you as someone who will be hurt in a relationship. You look like a player especially after I witnessed your advances first hand, I am even more sure you will be the one breaking hearts until I saw Ace.” Joey says honestly.

Moving his face even more closer to Joey, Ryker whispers; “Looks are deceiving. I am a one-person man when in a relationship. But of course, when I am single, I go all out.”

Joey pushes Ryker away gently, his voice turns meek; “I know.”

Ryker drives Joey back to Earl’s Hall and waits for him in the room when he is packing some belongings to bring over to Ryker’s place, Lukas is nowhere to be seen and his absence seems to put Joey more at ease.

Helping Joey to carry his belongings, Ryker asks Joey when they are at his parked motorbike; “We will get you to change room on Monday.”

It’s fine, Hank said he will accompany me on Monday to student affairs.” Joey smiles.

Both of them did not notice Ace is standing behind a tree some distance away, staring at them.