CHAPTER 2 – Lukas The Roommate

Hank’s shiny red Audi TT RS grabs the attention of many when he pulls into the driveway of Earl’s Hall to park his car.

Ignoring the many admiring looks cast at him or the car, Hank says to Joey reluctantly; “I don’t understand why you insists to move into the hall. I have been driving you everyday, I won’t know what to do if I stop picking you up from your home.

Unable to hide his excitement of moving into the hall, Joey smiles “You tower over me like a hulk yet you behaves like a baby when you sulks. Grow up please.

Hank retorts “I treat you as my most precious and you don’t even bother to pacify me! I am the first person you came out to, even before you came out to your family so I am the most important person in your life.

Hank, your flirts have no effect on me even though I am gay. I know you only too well. I allow your endless tease but that does not mean I am enjoying them one single bit.” Joey’s nicely trimmed eyebrows narrowed to a frown.

Ok, I still want to help you carry your belongings to your room even if you refuse to admit your feelings towards me. I want to see who is your roommate. Oh also, I am picking you up Monday morning to drive you to class.” Hank pouts.

What? I can carry my stuff myself and the hostel is within walking distance to my lecture hall, I don’t need you to drive me.” Hank has already gotten off the car before Joey can finish his last sentence.

Slugging Joey’s duffle bag over one shoulder and sling his backpack onto the other, Hank passes his car key to Joey when Joey gets off the car and say “Lock the car, baby.” and walks off.

Opening the door to his room and letting Hank in for him to put down Joey’s belongings on the floor, Hank quickly jumps onto one of the bed in one swift move.

Joey raises his voice a little and nag “Hey, you know I only allow fresh clean clothes after bath to get onto the bed. And I don’t even know if that is my bed!

Hank gives a sheepish look at Joey, “You are always such a clean freak. In any case, you should take the other bed and leave this bed I am already lying down to your roommate. Problem solved.

At the exact moment after Hank finishes saying that, the door swings opens and a topless sweaty guy walks in.

Oh! Sorry for swinging open the door so forcefully, I didn’t expect anyone to move in on a Saturday morning. I am Lukas, you must be my roommate. You are?” Lukas stretches out his hands to Joey and then cast his eyes on Hank.

Lukas is of the same height as Joey, and similar to both Hank and Joey, Lukas too spots a tanned skin and there are visible freckles on his boyish face.

But that’s where the similarity ends. Compared to the hunky handsome Hank and toned pretty Joey, Lukas is of slightly slimmer built though his 6 packs on his washboard stomach are absolutely visible with all the glistening sweat.

Sitting up straight, Hank introduces himself “I am Hank and Joey is your roommate.

Lukas gives a fist pump to Hank after shaking Joey’s hands; he smiles “You are such a great buddy, helping Joey to move in.

Nope, I am his boyfriend.” Hank laughs before putting on his game face to continue saying; “so make sure you are fully clothed when Joey is in the room and bathes before you crashes onto your bed.

Lukas gives a surprised look at Joey before stammering “Oh okay, I am sorry. Let me get my towel to go for my shower and I will definitely put on a singlet.

Ignore him, Lukas. Hank and myself have been best buddies for almost 10 years; he is a bad joker and just love to blabber nonsense. But he is right though about my pet peeve of not bathing before getting onto the bed.” Joey flashes his sweet smile at Lukas before shooting his stares at Hank.

Hank laughs and gives a smack over Lukas’ sweaty back but regrets doing that “Yuck, you really are sweating buckets.

Lukas gives off another apologetic look and quips “So sorry! Let me go take my bath now while you guys make yourselves comfortable ok?

Then you better make sure you take one whole hour to bathe otherwise you may walk into our intimate moments. Hank can’t help but to make fun of the blushing Lukas.

Huh? Oh okay. I will time myself.” Lukas grabs his towel and almost trips when he tries to quicken his pace to the door.

Eh, we will wait for you to go for breakfast so don’t take the full hour to wash up.” Hank shouts after Lukas while he is on his way out and before Lukas closes the door, he hears Joey scolding Hank “You are the most irritating idiot!

When Lukas walks back to the room after finishing his shower, he knocks before opening the door slowly. His anxious look turns into relief when he sees Joey tidying up his belongings while Hank’s concentration is fixated on his mobile phone.

Welcome back. You smell much better now!” Hank looks up from his phone and continues to make fun of Lukas.

Hehehe, I guess I do smell better. Sorry again for earlier, I wasn’t expecting anyone to move in today so I went for a soccer game without wearing jersey.” Lukas breaks a sheepish smile.

Joey looks up and asks, “You play soccer? Which faculty are you in by the way?

Yes soccer is my first and only love. I will be taking up creative design. What about you guys?” Lukas loosens up a bit.

Mass communications for myself and Business Management for Hank.” Joey flashes his sweet smile once more.

This is the second time Lukas notices his heart skips a beat when he sees Joey smiling sweetly at him, he can’t help but to admire Joey’s beautiful facial features and flawless skin.

Hank clears his throat “Enough already, you look as if you are going into a cardiac arrest.” Lukas blushes immediately.

Hank laughs out loud “Relax dude, Joey gets those longing stares all the time! I have always been his shield so you have to be my back up whenever I am not around! Ok, let’s go for breakfast now! I am famished.

Lukas steals another look at Joey before turning to Hank “Sure, let’s go.

Let me change into more comfy clothes first.” Hank says and proceeds to strip off his Fred Perry Polo Tee and Armani jeans, showing off his white Armani briefs before slipping on a singlet and bermudas. The singlet shows off his toned biceps and protruding chest perfectly.

Lukas’s face turns red again when he sees Joey peeling off his t-shirt to change into a singlet, stealing glances at his very well defined 8 packs on his taut stomach.