CHAPTER 3 – The First Weekend Together

Once they are downstairs, Hank who is walking in front, turns around to grab Joey’s hands and says to Lukas; “My car can only sit 2 person, see you at the café by the junction outside the campus.

Noticing Lukas’s startled look, Joey swings off Hank’s hands and says in a monotone; “We are taking a bus there, that café is just a few bus stops away.

Bus? But I have always driven you everywhere. Hey wait for me!” Hank runs after Joey who has since puts his arms around Lukas to continue walking towards the bus stop.

Lukas feels his heart pumping furiously and his face turning red again when Joey places his arms lightly over Lukas’ shoulders.

Hank catches up with them and brushes Joey’s arms off Lukas’ shoulders, “No need to be so chummy.” Hank says to Joey.

When they step into the café, there is a sudden drop of loud chats to an almost dead air of silence. It is very obvious everyone in the café have fixated their attention on the three of them.

They spot an empty table at one corner and while approaching their table; Lukas overhears a table of girls whispering to each other; “Oh my god! They are so gorgeous and tall, are they a Korean boy band? I am ovulating.

Lukas is aware of his boyish charms as he has had girls screaming his name and trying to get his attention when he is in the soccer field but this is the first time he actually hears girls swooning loud enough.

He looks at Joey and Hank, both of them oblivious to the stares, oohs and aahs around them; looking all so comfortable without any awkwardness.

They are finishing their last bites when there is a sound notification on Hank’s phone. He looks at his phone and tap onto the notification to open up an app, Lukas glances over subconsciously and sees the Tinder app opens up.

After some typing, Hank looks up from his phone and says to Joey; “I am going to meet someone later if you are not going anywhere, ok”

Sure go ahead, I don’t intend to head out. I want to start to do up my room, hit the gym and recce the campus tomorrow before the class starts Monday.” Joey says.

After returning to the hall, Hank takes a quick shower and then changes back to the clothes he wore earlier.

He throws his singlet, bermudas and his white Armani briefs at Joey and says with a wink; “Wash them together with your laundry ok?

Joey shoots Hank a disgusted look before saying, “There is a thing called laundry basket.

Hank ignores the comment and says to Lukas, “Protect my man well, dude. I will hunt you down if anything happens to my man.” Hank then says goodbyes to both Joey and Lukas.

Lukas can’t help but to have a broad grin over his face, looking at Hank’s muscular back when he walks out of the room. Joey notices the grin.

He is irritating to the core, right?” Joey says to Lukas flashing another of his megawatt smile. Lukas quickly looks away when his eyes meet Joey.

If he is really not your boyfriend as you said, he must be the best buddy anyone can have.” replied Lukas.

Joey agrees, “Yes he has always been there for me.

Joey and Lukas spend the rest of the afternoon chatting and getting to know each other better.

Lukas’ family migrated to Australia when he was eight, he has since returned to live with his auntie and now decides to remain here to complete his Bachelor’s studies.

He talks about his challenges adjusting himself since coming back and missing his family. Lukas also shared with Joey he has never been in love.

Lukas is surprised he opens up so much to someone he has just known for just a few hours but he knows he is very comfortable with Joey’s easy demeanor.

Both of them have shared almost their entire life stories with each other by dinnertime.

Hey, shall we go to the nearby mall for dinner so I can get some groceries thereafter? “ Lukas asks Joey. Joey nods.

Joey and Lukas are walking around the supermarket in the mall after their dinner when Joey stops to pick up a box of mint chocolates.

You are a chocolate person?” Lukas can’t help but ask.

Joey smiles, “No I am not. It’s for Hank; this is the only cheap chocolate brand he will allow in his stomach. You are such a curious person, have been asking me so many questions about myself.”

Lukas feels his throat getting dry, he looks embarrassed and after pausing for a second, he says softly; “I just want to know more about you.”

Shall we get some cheap wine to drink in our room later, as a celebration of us being roommate?” Joey asks Lukas enthusiastically; apparently he did not hear what Lukas just said. Lukas nods.

Joey proceeds to chill the bottle of wine after returning to the hall when his phone rings. “Whoa man, I just had amazing sex. She is such a gymnast!” comes the reply from the other end of the phone.

I don’t need to know the details, Hank. I hope you remember to put on a condom.” Joey says within Lukas’ earshot. Lukas quickly looks up at Joey from where he is, with puzzled look.

After Joey hangs up his phone, he is surprised to see Lukas looking intently at him. “What’s wrong?” Joey asks.

Lukas shakes his head before saying “Nothing.” They get down to drinking the wine, toasting for a fun hall living experience and Lukas continues to ask Joey one too many questions about his likes and dislikes.

It is almost midnight when they finish the bottle of wine, Joey gets up to stretch himself and says “It’s bedtime for me, I am going to take my shower and crash. Are you coming along?

With the liquor effect, Lukas feels blood rushing to his groin area when Joey asks that question. He quickly adjusts himself before replying, “Yes I should shower too.

Joey walks to his wardrobe to take off all his clothes, pull out a towel from the wardrobe and wrap it around his waist then says, “Let’s go.

The fleeting moments of Joey’s sexy body with his very visible boxer shorts tanned line and bubbly butt gives Lukas instant erection and that image remains glued in Lukas’ mind.

Because of his erection, Lukas panics a little and does not dare to stand up. He says, “You go ahead. I will be right behind you.

Joey is almost done washing his hair with his shower stall door wide ajar when Lukas steps in, turns around just in time to see Lukas walks into the shower stall opposite his and shut his shower stall door.

When Joey wakes up the next morning, he does not see Lukas around in the room and is wondering where he could have gone so early on a Sunday morning.

After freshening up, Joey makes his way to the gym and stays there to work out for almost three hours before calling it a day.

Leaving the quiet gym, Joey decides to explore the surroundings and enjoy the serenity without the noise and hassle during a normal school day.

Walking aimlessly, Joey finds himself walking towards a jogging track. Seeing a familiar figure jogging, Joey thinks to himself; “That looks like Lukas.

Joey cuts across the road and walks towards that direction, when something hard hits him. The impact was so sudden and strong that it knocks him off his balance and he falls to the ground.

He tries to get back but couldn’t because of the concussion; he falls back onto the ground and is feeling nauseous when he hears a deep manly voice.

Enzo, Max, empty the bench over there. Titus, go grab some ice from the ice bucket.” the deep manly voice instructs.

That man sprints towards Joey, looks down at Joey who is still lying down on the floor and asks, “Hey, are you all right? Can you stand up?

Joey waves his hand and groans softly, “I don’t think I can. Give me a minute more, I will be fine.”

The next moment, Joey feels he is scooped up swiftly by that man and carried like a baby to the bench.

This is the first time Joey is being carried like that by another man and his attention shifts from the pain in his head to the tall gentle giant.

After being lifted onto the bench table and his head gently on the man’s thighs, Joey finally gets a good glimpse of the man’s extremely handsome face. “Don’t move, stay still.” the man says gently.

The man takes off his singlet to wrap the ice and places it on Joey’s head to soothe the now swollen bump. “I am Zayden. Sorry that our ball hits you. Rest a while more and I will bring you back to your room.” the man says gently.