CHAPTER 5 – Zayden and Georgina

I am fine, don’t worry. I can make my own way back.” Joey’s giddiness is getting better.

One of the hunks say; “We insist Enzo to walk you back, it is his honor to chauffeur a gorgeous man.” By now Joey realizes four strong handsome men are looking at him and two of them look identical.

Maximus laughs at Joey’s puzzled look and says, “You are not suffering from concussion. I am Maximus and he is my twin brother, Enzo. The hunk who carried you like a baby is Zayden.”

Pointing to the last person, he continues “and he is Titus.

They walk with Joey to where Enzo parks his Mazda 6. Before getting into the car, Maximus says to Joey; “Enzo will drop me at Ridge Hall before sending you back to Earl’s Hall ya?

Joey smiles and nods, he is expecting to hear from Zayden but sees he gets into his BMW M8 Coupe with Titus without saying goodbyes. He can’t help but to feel a tinge of disappointment.

After dropping off Maximus at Ridge Hall, on the way to Earl’s Hall, Enzo says “Hey Joey, sorry again we hit you so badly. You know how boys are when playing basketball, we only stop and pay attention when there is a supermodel clad in bikini standing by the courtside.

Joey laughs; he has heard far too many such statements from self-proclaimed heterosexual men and always feels they make such statements because of their lack of confidence in their own masculinity.

You guys have apologized far too many times, I really am fine.” Joey says to Enzo who quips, “A handsome man with such a big heart is too perfect, you must be a babe magnet like Zayden.

Joey is about to say something when a message tone sounded on Enzo’s phone and Enzo turns his Mazda 6 into the car park of Earl’s Hall at the same time.

After getting off the car, Enzo reads his message and says to Joey, “Hey, give me your contact number or Line ID for contact since we live in the same hall. Which faculty are you in?

Arts and Social Sciences, I am studying Mass Communications.” comes Joey’s reply.

Enzo looks at Joey with pleasant surprise, “No joke? You are our junior then. We are in Mass Comms too and the two of us live in the same hall. What are the odds!

Enzo walks Joey all the way to his room even though he lives 2 floors below and before bidding Joey goodbye at the doorstep, he says to Joey; “I will meet you at 8 tomorrow morning at the lobby downstairs to go for our class since we are in the same building.

After closing the door, Joey looks around the quiet room and does not see Lukas. He thinks to himself “Where has he gone to the whole day?” and when he sees the dirt stain on his singlet, he decides to take a quick shower.

Cladding only in his towel on his way back to his room, Joey sees someone standing outside his room. He couldn’t really make out who the person is from his muscular back, his heart jumps when that guy turns around and their eyes caught each other.

It is Zayden, standing there holding something in his huge hands. There is a hint of shyness flashing across his perfect face when he sees the half naked Joey but Joey doesn’t notice that.

I was wondering where you would have gone since Enzo would have sent you back by now.” Zayden’s eyes avoid Joey when he says that and Joey suddenly feels shy of his state of undress, and is now less than an arm’s length away from Zayden.

Let me open the door so you can come in.” Joey speaks gently while feeling his pulsing heartbeat seems louder than his voice.

It’s fine, I bought you some food in case you don’t feel too well to head out to eat. I am leaving now.” With that, Zayden passes the packet of food to Joey; turns around and leave without saying goodbye.

Joey feels his fast pumping heartbeat returning to normal when back in the room, he couldn’t shake off Zayden’s very handsome face and muscular body from his mind. Switching on his Macbook Pro, he logs into the faculty homepage and search for Zayden.

Zayden was crowned Mr Campus 2 years ago, at the same year, Georgina from the same faculty walked away with Miss Campus. That year was the first time in the campus history that both winners came from the same faculty.

Through the photos, Joey examines Georgina rebond highlighted hair that falls all the way to her waist, her long curly eye lashes, sparkling eyes and thin soft lips; he thinks to himself, “As a gay man myself, I have to admit she is very beautiful and seriously hot.

Continuing the page, he begins to read the many postings and comments attributed to Zayden and Georgina.

They are always together since the day they won the Campus titles. They must have fallen in love while competing for the honors.

I heard Zayden is seriously attracted to Georgina but she is not saying yes yet!

Do you know both of them are signed to the largest modeling agency and have appeared in a few big fashion shows already?

Have they done it yet? Their babies would be the supermodels of the new generation!

The postings and comments, both old and new, read.

After scrolling through the numerous comments, Joey’s excitement dwindles to a bare minimum, he even feels somewhat lost. He doesn’t understand why he is feeling that way.

Joey thinks to himself, “I have never feel this way about another person before, and definitely not attracted to a straight man ever. But why do I keep thinking of Zayden and now feels a tinge of sadness after reading those comments that he is a straight man with a beautiful girlfriend?

Joey is deep in thoughts when his phone rings and looks at the caller ID before answering, “If you are going to tell me the details of your new fling, save it. I am not in the mood to pretend to be interested.

Holy shit, why are you doing this to me? You are the only man in my life; you have to be my soul mate. Have you found a new man? You can’t possibly fall for that Lukas when you have someone as hot as me!” Hank whines on the other end.

Joey lets out a loud sigh, “I am tired, and not going into endless flirts with you. What do you want?

Hank could feel something is not right with Joey, he switches to a more serious tone, “Hey, are you all right? Anything wrong? Do you want me to go over to you now?

I am fine, don’t worry. Just tired, wants to crash early.” Joey’s voice turns gentle.

Ok sure, I will pick you up tomorrow morning at 8am. ” Hank asks. Forgetting totally about his arrangement with Enzo, Joey agreed.