CHAPTER 6 – Hank Meets Enzo For The First Time

When Joey reaches the lobby at 8:05am the next day, he is surprised to see Enzo sitting at the waiting lounge.

Clad in an Off-White tee and ankle length jeans, Enzo looks refreshingly smart compared to his singlet and knee length bermudas the day before.

Hah, you are 5 minutes late; handsome.” Enzo’s couldn’t hide his sleepy voice. Joey looks stunned and suddenly remembers he is to meet Enzo at 8am.

Shit. I am sorry Enzo, I forgot about it and made other arrangement.” Joey apologizes and at that moment, comes a chirpy voice “Hey darling, I am on time!

Both Enzo and Joey turn and see Hank standing a few steps away from them, wearing an oversized hoodie shirt with tight skinny jeans.

Enzo and Hank size each other up. Looking at the tall and good looking Hank, Enzo thinks to himself, “Almost as perfect as Zayden and as handsome as Joey but did he just call Joey darling?

Hank wants to open his mouth to say something but no words manage to come out, he is feeling a hot flush across his body and face while looking to Enzo; the only other time he feels this way towards a man is when he first met Joey.

When Hank is in front of Enzo, before Joey can say anything; Hank asks, “Joey, who is this cute Oppa?” without taking his eyes off Enzo who is now feeling a little uneasy with the aggressive attention from Hank.

Enzo, this is Hank. Hank, please stop staring at Enzo; It’s rude. I forgot to tell you last night that Enzo is picking me up as we are in the same building. I will meet you for lunch instead, ok? Joey has to give Hank a smack on his broad shoulders to stop him from continuing to stare at Enzo.

Oppa, no I mean Enzo. Hi! I am Hank, whoa you are really cute!” Hank is taken aback with his lack of choice of words. Both Joey and Enzo’s eyes open wide and at a loss of words with Hank’s blunt outburst.

Enzo feels his face turns red (the first time for him even though he has his fair share of fans screaming and shouting at the court side when he plays basketball to get his attention so he is used to fans adulation) and looks away to face Joey.

Are we ready to go? Or are you going with this idiot friend of yours?” Enzo asks Joey.

Joey gives another hard smack at Hank on his shoulders and suppressing his embarrassment over Hank’s behavior, says to Hank, “I am going with Enzo. Text me later to let me know what time you are meeting me for lunch. Stop staring already! You are so rude.

Still looking at Enzo with undivided intensity, Hanks asks Enzo directly “Join us for lunch and allow me to get to know you better.

Enzo throws an impatient look at Hank, “Not interested.” then turns to Joey, “I will wait for you in my car.” and walks off.

Hey oppa, wait.” Hank reaches out to grab Enzo but his hand is brushed away by Joey swiftly, “Stop your nonsense! What is wrong with you?” Joey feels his anger slowly boiling up.

Looking at Enzo walking away and with his back no longer in sight, Hank finally turns to look at the unhappy Joey, “Holy crap, he is so cute! How do you get to know him? Do you have his contact number?

Quit fooling around, Hank. He is my senior and he is obviously offended with your nonsense. You have your fun so stop it!” Joey has to punch Hank at his chest to show his unhappiness.

“But I am not fooling around, Joey. He is really cute and this is the first time I feel awkward with my own tease. I think I am falling in love with a man for real.

Joey ignores what Hank has just said to him, and walks towards the car park. Hank follows right behind Joey to Enzo’s Mazda 6. Joey gives a fierce stare at Hank before getting into Enzo’s car.

Hank walks over to Enzo’s side and knocks on the window, Enzo ignores but takes a deep breath and gives in when Hank keeps knocking, “What do you want, idiot?

Can I have your contact number or Line ID?” Hank asks and his eyes lit up when Enzo scrolls down his car window.

No.” comes the curt reply. Enzo then starts his engine and drives off.

During the drive, Joey apologizes to Enzo for Hank’s behavior, “I am really sorry for Hank’s behavior, he just loves to play all these pranks when he sees other men approaching me.

Enzo’s stern look turns soft and back in his normal tone, he asks, “You are such a handsome guy, and there will be many more gorgeous dudes out there infatuated with you. Why him as a boyfriend?”

Joey burst out laughing, “No no! He is not my boyfriend. We have been best buddies since high school; it’s just that he watches over me like a jealous big brother, that’s all.

He is not your boyfriend? You are not gay? Sorry I thought both of you are a couple because he called you darling and then he started to flirt right in front of you. That’s makes me boil, I don’t like flirtatious guys.” Enzo blubbers out in one breath while parking his car into the lot.

I am gay but Hank is not my boyfriend. He is just very protective over me but this is the first time he is behaving like that, he never asks for contacts when he teases the people who talk to me.” Joey wonders out loud.

Enzo is taken slightly aback with Joey’s frankness, he looks at Joey “You are different from other guys I know, so at ease with your sexuality. This is only the second time we meet and you are telling me you are gay.”

Joey laughs, “There’s nothing for me to hide, I knew my sexuality since the first time I watched porn when I was in high school. Hank was the first person I came out to, even before I tell my family.

Both of them get off the car and see Hank’s Audi TT RS pulling right in front of them.

Seeing Hank rolling down his car window, Joey opens his mouth but before he can say anything, Hank intercepts, “I will drop by your building at 12 noon to join you and Enzo for lunch.” and zooms off.

Joey happens to see Enzo rolling his eyes before he speaks, “Your friend is crazy. Not only is he irritating but he also doesn’t seem to know when to give up.”

Who’s that dude driving such a flashy car?” Both Enzo and Joey turn around and see Maximus asking, with Zayden and Titus standing behind him. “Joey’s stalker.” Enzo replies.

Joey freezes up when he sees Zayden’s protruding chest threatening to burst out from the first two unbuttoned buttons of his too-tight shirt tuck out of his Louis Vuitton casual pants.

Our handsome junior has a boyfriend? Is he as hot as our Zayden?” Maximus teases, earning a blank look from Zayden.