CHAPTER 7 – The Pursuit Begins

After parking his Audi TT RS into the lot, Hank texts Joey on Telegram “I am at the car park, walking towards the building lobby. Remember to get my Oppa to meet us.

Hank breaks into a smile when he sees Joey walking down the stairs with a throng of girls behind him, attempting to snap photos of him discreetly. His smile quickly vanishes and a tinge of disappointment flashes across his handsome face when Enzo is nowhere in sight.

That fleeting moment of disappointed look on Hank’s face does not escape the sharp-eyed Joey, he walks up to Hank and cuts him off when Hank is about to open his mouth, “Do you need to continue your act with me as your only audience?

Hank lets out a disappointed sigh, “Is this how you see me? A joke? I am really looking forward to seeing Enzo again, I have been thinking of him the whole morning!

Looking straight into Hank’s eyes, Joey asks in a serious tone; “Hank, are you serious? Please don’t pull this kind of prank. It is not funny, not to me and definitely not to Enzo.

Hank’s big round eyes suddenly changes into puppy eyes look and replies gently, “I am not fooling around, Jo. I really want to see him and to know him and my heart is telling me not just as a friend.”

Joey looks surprised, pauses for a while and says, “This is the first time I hear you say such things about a man.

Hank nods, “You are the first man in my life I feel I want to protect but Enzo is THE man I know I want him more than a friend or buddy. This is the first time I feel sexually attracted to a man, Jo.

Joey takes a deep breath, “I don’t know what you are thinking. Enzo should be in the canteen with his friends but I am not sure if he will be happy to see you.

Hank’s downcast eyes lit up, grabbing Joey’s hands; he exclaims, “Let’s go! Which direction is to the canteen?” Hank basically holds on to Joey all the way to the canteen, causing everyone bypassing them to stop and wonder about the status of this pair of gorgeous couple.

When they reach the canteen, Hank scans around for Enzo. With his height, it does not take long for Hank to spot Enzo who is sitting at one corner with two other guys. Hank quickens his pace with Joey in tow towards Enzo.

Enzo notices Hank while he is walking towards his direction and he quickly looks the other direction. Stopping in front of Enzo’s table, Hank blinks his eyes and takes a double look at Enzo and Maximus.

Oh hey Joey, join us?” Titus asks when he sees Joey emerging behind the muscular dude, and then continue “Your friend?

Joey smiles, “Hey guys, this is Hank.

Hank interrupts, “Sure we are joining you guys. Jo, you sit here. I will go sit beside Enzo.” and he walks over to Enzo’s side and sit down.

Maximus looks surprised and quickly asks, “How do you know I am not Enzo?”

Hank gives a quick wink at Enzo and replies, “That’s not difficult. I remember what Enzo was wearing when I went to pick up Joey this morning.”

Maximus nods in approval, “Not bad, you are attentive enough. I am Maximus, Enzo’s elder brother and he is Titus. I saw you grabbing Joey’s arm on the way here, you are his boyfriend?”

Joey is my man but not in the boyfriend way. I am hoping to be Enzo’s boyfriend though.” Hank says with a straight face, but both Joey and Titus’ jaws drop a little.

Enzo starts to fidget and opens his mouth to say something but Maximus cuts in, “Hahaha, damn you. You are the first dude who is able to have a comeback at my tease and at my little brother some more.”

Enzo’s face turns red; he stares at Maximus and snares, “Shut up Max!” then turns to look at the smiling Hank, gives him his middle finger and says, “Fucking idiot.

Hank’s smiles never waver, he says affectionately; “You are so cute, even when you are cursing and being rude.

Joey sees Enzo clenches his fist and quickly pulls Hank away from Enzo to yank him to sit opposite Enzo instead.

Hank protests, “I want to sit beside Enzo, Jo!” Looking at Hank’s smitten gaze, Maximus laughs and gives Hank a punch on his bulging chest, “I like you, man! No one ever manages to get such a reaction from my little brother.

Enzo gets up in a huff and almost knock Joey off his seat because of the sudden force but both Titus and him grab Joey in time so he does not fall off the chair.

Titus says to Enzo, “Take a chill pill, Enz. Where are you going?”

Looking apologetic, Enzo gives a hug to Joey, “Sorry dude, I didn’t mean to knock you off.” Then looks at Titus and says, “I am going to get some cold drinks. This is getting crazy.”

Standing up as well, Hank quickly says, “I am going with you!” Enzo ignores him and walks away hastily with Hank running after him.

Your friend is so funny, Joey. I like him! Is he gay for real or pranking Enzo? With his physical appearance, he is way too masculine to be gay but he really looks like he is smitten with my little bro.” Maximus can’t stop laughing.

Joey looks a little embarrassed and apologetic at the same time, he takes a deep breath, “I don’t know what he is thinking but this is already beyond his usual behavior.

Great! I want to see how far he will go then.” Maximus says with a smirk and continues, “Let me go get you your lunch, Joey. Black pepper chicken chop ok? So I can go see where that two rascals have gone to. You stay here with Titus at the time being. Zayden and Georgina should be here soon.”

Joey couldn’t stop Maximus in time. Seeing Joey’s uneasiness, Titus says, “Let him do that. You are one lucky dude; I have not seen my buddies being this nice to anybody before. You are probably the first man Zayden carried; the first person that is not Enzo’s classmate to be driven by him and now the first man Maximus buys lunch for. He doesn’t even buy lunches for us.”

Carried by Zayden? Who?” A very sweet voice asks and both Titus and Joey turn around to see a very fair and blemish free fair skinned beautiful lady wrapping her arms around the hulky Zayden.

Joey recognizes immediately she is Georgina, from the research he has done on her over the weekend. He thinks to himself, “She is even more pretty in person.

Hey Georgi. I was just telling Joey he is the first man Zayden ever carries. Oh, you have not met our handsome cute junior right? He is Joey. Joey, let me introduce you to our pretty princess, Georgina. She is our most beautiful Miss Campus ever.” Titus introduces.

You just have to tease and embarrasses me this way.” Georgina says in her gentle sweet voice. She gives Joey a Hi sign then turns to Zayden to rest her head on Zayden’s impressive chest and sulks, “You have the worst friends.”