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Writers discussing writing,
Writers discussing publishing,
Writers discussing life.

The Dead Robots’ Society was created in an effort to offer advice and support to other aspiring writers. It was inspired — in part — by Mur Lafferty’s podcast “I Should Be Writing.” We’ve had a number of hosts come and go, but our mission has never changed.

For nearly a decade, DRS has helped writers navigate the waters of both traditional and independent publishing, the nuts and bolts of fiction, and brought in special guests including New York Times Bestselling authors, publishers, agents, editors, and designers. Informative, and sometimes silly, DRS has become a mainstay for thousands of listeners every week.

With your support, we can pay our podcast hosting costs, our website fees, and other production costs. Becoming a subscriber gives you access to exclusive content including exclusive live shows, private Q&As, and early access to pre-recorded episodes.