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Downloads are now easier. No more zip. files!

Jun 02, 2023

Hey everyone!

I thought I'd update you on a new Buy Me A Coffee feature they've added recently, allowing multiple downloads on one song - meaning I no longer have to use zip. files for the PDF & Guitar Pro downloads. For a few people, the zip. files would contain nothing when opened due to some device/browser compatibility issue. But now the download will contain two separate files instead!

Of course, if there is any other issue when downloading, drop me an email, and I'll be happy to send the files directly to you.

I'm also going back through the previous 100 or so songs and replacing the zip. files with the two corresponding separate files - I'll get ten done per day, so expect it to be done in around ten days!

I appreciate all of your support! Much more to come from Drumscribe. - Joe

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