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If my website or YouTube/LBRY videos have been of use to you, feel free to send a pumpkin spiced latte my way. Oh, and full fat if you please, none of that skinny stuff, and for goodness sake sprinkle the chocolate over the foam, don't just dump it on there...
Dave Talkowski
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You must be gasping for a cuppa if the current hit rate is anything to go by? Anyway, your pithy observations of everything electrical (and sometimes criminal lash ups) are hearti warming to us new to the trade. Like yourself, despite having a different intial career (mechanial eng in my case) I have gone down the (im)mature candidate route to sparkyism. My dad repaired TVs (back in the day of CRTs), and taught me a healthy respect of line output transformers coughing out 50kV. Didn't stop him electrocuting me mind: I used to pinch tools from his workshop for bike repairs so he used to leave charged up 500uF electrolytics around his bench like booby traps. Ah, those were the days! Keep it up my good man, and may your RCDs never trip!

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Cheers for your help !