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we keep going...

we keep going...

Mar 10, 2022

Keep going.

Rumi said that “the wound is the place where the light gets in”. If that’s true, then it is only we the battered and tattered, the shattered and scattered who truly live in the warmth and persistent glow of all the light still left in this world.

Our brokenness makes us open and unencumbered to the dazzling gleam of the sun and the shimmering luster of the stars.

We are damaged in the most radiant of ways. May we be forever blessed with gift of being blissfully un-mended. May we always bask in the splendor and magnificence of our fucked-up-ness. We are the places where the light enters existence…

What if wholeness never arrives fully formed?

Maybe we might still be made well. Perhaps, we already have been. Maybe we were never anything other. Perhaps, we always have been. Maybe there is no hope for wholeness, but then again maybe hope is precisely what makes us so

You are not the name of your faults and failings. You are the name given to your strength and your striving. You are the word used to describe the wrestling…

Keep going.

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