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Hey 👋 I made out of my passion for the game so my friends and I can also play it without having the board game with us (I also own the wooden box version but especially now during Lockdown I'm even more happy that I made it during the first Corona wave).

The site will remain ad-free and free to play - with a coffee you would support me so that the servers will be paid, maintained and upgraded.

If a coffee may be too much you can also use Paypal directly, I appreciate every amount :)

Here are 2 other games I recently worked on: - werewolf online version - cards against humanity with memes

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thx mate, great work. 🙌

David Bareiter
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Nice, Thank you for this online Version of the game. I enjoyed playing it with some friends!

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Perfect Game to play in these times. Thank you!

Thanks for your support! Stay healthy and have a good time :)

Logan Galimi
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My friends and I have been playing Secret Hitler Online throughout the quarantine and it brings us lots of joy so thank you :)

Hey Logan, thats great to hear :) thanks for your support and lots of greetings from Berlin