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I'm a teacher, culture manager, history blogger, and HEMAist (Historical European Martial Art fencer). I live in Budapest with my wife. I traveled extensively in Central and Eastern Europe during the years of Communism. Later, I lived in Colorado in the U.S.A. for a few years.

I focus on the Hungarian-Ottoman wars between 1366-1699 and write popular articles and books about this period as it is quite underrepresented in English-speaking social media. I usually translate the posts of acknowledged Hungarian historians. 

My mission is to spread our history among those who can’t read in Hungarian but interested in Hungarian cultural heritage.

Unfortunately, you can read next to nothing about our history in the English language in social media so I began to write articles about this topic in 2016 when I started my FB page "Hungarian History 1366-1699" (before it was called „Hungaries 1632”)

As FB was limiting my work, in 2019 I launched my searchable self-hosted page that cannot be banned. Now, I am salvaging my castles and posts from my FB page to this page.

So far I've uploaded more than 277 castles there: these forts stood in Royal Hungary, in the Ottoman Occupied Lands, and in the Principality of Transylvania, lands that I call „the Hungaries”. Now, they are in 8 modern states.

Here is my page, take a tour: (launched in 2019)

Here is my FB page (it has about 17 K followers) and my group, presently there are 10 K members in it: (since 2016) (since 2017)

Check out my books on Amazon, too:

and my calendars for 2022:

The stories of my first book ("33 Castles, Battles, Legends")  are based on the records of historians and on the tales of the local folks while my second book is a historical fiction story from the 17th century, it is „The Ring of Kékkő Castle”.

Thank you very much for your help and contribution.

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