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12 December 1605 Bocskai settled his Haj ...

12 December 1605 Bocskai settled his Hajdú soldiers

Dec 12, 2022

It happened in Hungarian history on 12 December 1605:

It was the day when Prince Bocskai István of Transylvania elevated 9,254 Hajdú soldiers from the peasantry and gave them collective nobility which was quite similar to the collective rights of the Hungarian Székely border guards of Transylvania.

The Hajdú soldiers needed more rights than the Cossacks had at that time. Why was it important to give land and privileges to the savage Hajdú warriors? Why Bocskai is a dividing person for a few Hungarians?

Where does Hungary belong in earnest, to the West or to the East?

My nostalgic remark: where is a lord who would elevate us today?

You can read more about the details on my page, based on the research of Szibler Gábor:

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