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2 April 1571, the heroic last stand of Captain Thury György

Apr 03, 2022

He was perhaps the greatest Hungarian Borderland warrior in the 16th century, a famous duelist with 600 recorded fights, the captain of Palota and Kanizsa castles, and the celebrated hero of many battles.

Read the story of his death. When his unit was lured into a narrow and muddy valley at Orosztorony, he was trapped and ambushed by a 5-times-stronger Ottoman unit of Agha Markocs.

They killed his horse, and tried to cut his legs and sinews to get him alive, there was a great prize on his head. He fought bravely on foot, killing many of his attackers. Then, he decided not to allow the enemy to carry him around in a cage, He unbuckled his helmet to receive a lethal wound, and a saber cut on his head ended his life soon.

Let us pay honor to him now.


In the picture: Thury is in the middle...

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