Let me share with you the article of Szibler Gábor, giving an overall description of the battle.

However, find more links included in my article that are closely connected to this battle that was not just a milestone in our history but also one of the most important battles of the 16th century.

Also, I have a few questions that remained unaddressed due to the lack of time:

Did King Lajos II really die in the swamp?

Wasn’t he assassinated by Czettrich, the bodyguard sent by his Queen, Mary of Habsburg?

Why was the kingdom in such a bad financial situation before the battle?

Why didn’t the Habsburgs help?

Why didn’t make the Hungarians peace with Suleiman before the battle, similar to the Polish and the French kings?

What if the king had waited in Buda for the incoming reinforcements, the foreign mercenaries, and the Transylvanian army?

Did Voivode Szapolyai of Transylvania want to get rid of the king, too?

Was the Hungarian army really so weak, couldn’t they have won the battle?

How could the Turks take Buda so easily after the battle?

Why don’t we talk also about the Battle of Pusztamarót that took place shortly after Buda’s fall?

Why is it a misconception that it was the end of the Hungarian Kingdom?

Here is the article of Szibler Gábor that sheds light on the basic situation very clearly: