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Radnót castle, Transylvania

Jan 20, 2022

The 278th castle on my page is Radnót...

Radnót (Iernut, Radnuten) is a town in Transylvania, in Romania. It is famous for its fortified Renaissance palace, the Rákóczi-Kornis-Bethlen palace that was (re)built in the 16th century.

Radnót has an ominous history and if we take a look at the neglected buildings, it has an uncertain future. Many of its owners were executed: Bogáthy Gáspár in 1575, Kendi Ferenc in 1591, Kornis Boldizsár in 1610...

The last free Diet of Transylvania was held there, and Prince Apafi Mihály II was arrested among its walls and taken to eternal captivity...

It burned down in 1802, and its owner, Count Bethlen Márk played cards with Count Haller Jenő in 1885. Bethlen lost Radnót in the game. I think Count Haller knew the dark history of Radnót’s owners quite well, and it may have been the reason why he decided to give it to the Roman Catholic Church in the same year.

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