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I like building stuff.

Perpetual learner and creator of Hacker Typer.

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Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you! I hope Hacker Typer brought you a smile! :)

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I like creative minds. Vice versa, check out  Have fun!

Thank you so much!!! Your game looks great!

I think there is one s too much in your link :)

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you for your support!! I hope Hacker Typer brought you a smile!

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Simone - I love your work, man... I'm a UX/UI Designer/Developer and I came across HackerTyper - awesome stuff!  My 5 and 8 year nephews love  it for when they're playing "Secret Agents."  Great stuff  - just wanted to show my support with a message and pass along some $$$.  PEACE!

Hi Jon, thank you so much for the support and the amazing message! Knowing that something I made can have such an effect on people (especially young ones) is 100% the reason why I love being a developer. All the best, Simone