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Highly functioning organism that transforms caffeine into code. Technology enthusiast, forward thinker and blogger at .

I am a software geek building all types of stuff on the internet and regularly blog at  My focus is mainly on .NET Core, F#, C#, security, DevOps, automation and OSS related topics.

I also maintain, Giraffe (F# ASP.NET Core web framework) and a few other projects which you can find on

If you've got value from any of the content which I have created, then I would very much appreciate your support by buying me a coffee ☕. Thank you!

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Great work! Using it all the time through SAFE STACK.

Many thanks for the coffees! Glad my project serves you well! If you have any cool web apps built with SAFE which you wouldn't mind sharing then maybe send me a message and I'll try to get it as a testimonial onto the SAFE stack website :)

Eric bought 5 coffees.

Giraffe continues to be awesome and keeps me coming back to the F# ecosystem, thanks for all your hard work on a highly useful project

Many thanks Eric! This means a lot to me and I am glad that Giraffe proves itself to be useful to you! I would love to find out how people are using it and for what kind of projects they are using it. Please let me know if you are willing to share some information on it! Thanks again!

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Thank you for making and maintaining Giraffe!

Thank you very much Sebastian! Glad you like Giraffe, hope it serves you very well and thank you for your support! Merry Christmas!

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Thanks for getting me started on my perverse journey into F# after more than a decade of being stuck in an abusive relationship with C#.

Haha, thank you very much! Appreciate your support and I wish you best of luck in your new *functioning* relationship! You know what they say, once you go F# your code becomes more smart... :P