You are charged with an interior lighting system rivaled by none, a formidable force for feeling into all things silent, spectacular, and powerful. You are light on your feet, speculative in your gaze... this is your day -- seize it!


Not everyone has to know of your rapidly unfolding creative endeavors. You are you for a reason... to be you and do you! Onward!


A powerful amalgam of ideas are sorting themselves into your daily flow. Never more than now have you had the opportunity to assert your own ideas with healthy convictions and force.


The pleasures of your daily life can be there in a way that means more than ever before. They can grace you with their majestic presence... if only you let them!


Finding yourself in a rapturous grace can actually be a default state of being. A forever that situates itself delicately inside of every now.


Opening the window to the possibility of more need not be a scary feat or a precarious endeavor. Tomorrow is calling today... will you answer?


What is this force... This field of faith that seems to be surrounding you in love, care, and affection? If you cannot see or feel it, perhaps you can still trust that it is there.


Multiplying your efforts to slow down may actually be having the reverse effect of speeding things up. Is this what you desire deep down?


Letting yourself play with the idea of pure concern can help you to realize the many meanings of "not having an agenda." It's okay to be full of just wonder.


Claiming a higher octave in perception can start with answering to a higher set of priorities. Take a look at the ideas you are living from. Do they match up with your visions and dreams?


Letting go of "perfect" (and all associated notions) may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Embarking on the journey from effort to non-effort may be just what you require.


It cannot be that hard to release the tensions stored in versions of yourself that no longer serve. Bringing things into resonant harmony can start with saying "no."