If you’re anything like me, you may have had a burning desire to tune in and go deeper for quite some time.  Before I had the words to articulate that “I wish to explore and interpret the wisdom of the inner landscape,” I had a strong passion and drive for all things “behind the scenes,” whether this meant attending studio tapings of TV talk shows just so I could see what happened during the commercial break or exploring backstage in my high school auditorium so I could get see things up close before they were seen at large.  Now, practicing intuitive analysis, the parallels are striking.  

The thing is, this drive to get behind the camera or behind the scenes was sort of like one giant metaphor.  A way of me acting something out to symbolically show myself the value and importance of going deeper with myself.  Instead of working on the set of a television show, I began to realize a deeper wish for unlocking the unseen and to be able to dialogue with the unseen in a meaningful and productive way.  To be clear, this can happen in so many ways from taking a brisk walk to listening to music to meditating by a stream.  It’s really not one thing over the other because from the perspective of intuitive analysis, we are tuning in to access information that can improve the quality of our lives, not to compete with past/future versions of ourselves or others to harvest some kind of superior intel or something like this.  No, it’s not a competition!  

The point of unlocking the inner explorer is to develop your self-connection in a way that feels authentic, genuine, meaningful, and aligned for you!  For me, the path has so far involved melding and integrating various versions and varieties of spiritual creativity in order to more effectively celebrate my own perceptual diversity and the perceptual diversity of others.  How will your path present?  The trick here is that only you can decide this for yourself.  Although a reading can help, it really does come back to you and your relationship with the part of you that seeks deeper answers.  In short: finding a system that works for you can sometimes mean creating a system that works for you.

And remember: the answers are also seeking you because this is a reciprocal relationship, an energy exchange, a healing container, and so much more!  The opportunity to go deeper with yourself has never been more exciting, available, possible, and real.  When we think about it in terms of having a relationship with our inner explorer, things can become less daunting.  Before we can effectively analyze the layers of the life field or carry out any other type of intuitive analysis, we must first stabilize our ability to explore without attachment to interpretation = exploration for the sake of exploration, art for art’s sake… you get the idea :)

My wish for you in reading this post (or any post!) is to be able to find your authentic form of spiritual creativity that allows, enables, and empowers you to connect with whatever is most important to you on a soul level.  Finding your own unique method — whether it has a name or not — can be such a game changer.  When you realize that you don’t have to use astrology as per (this person) or numerology as per (that person) and that you can establish, develop, and maintain a thriving relationship with your inner explorer (the part of you that seeks answers from within), then things can get really exciting and fun.  Using yourself as a source for truth is where it’s at!

The thing is, as soon as we start to feel into the wisdom of the inner landscape (without trying to understand or make sense of it right away), there is so much that can be revealed!  But we have to be willing to hold it, see it, and contain the parts of it that we have capacity to contain or that would be useful for us.  More on capacity soon.

So, If there is one thing to take away from this post, it would be the importance of staying close to a mindset of exploration, discovery, and noticing when we are exchanging energy with the wisdom of our inner landscape.  There will always be plenty of time to “break things down” and to draw upon our conceptual creativity to put two and two together.  At a baseline level, however, it can super valuable to hold a frame of inner exploration no matter how badly we wish to understand where something is coming from or what it may signify!  Just notice and see what comes up for you!