Buy Dylan Iwakuni a coffee


Hey guys!

The link on the very left is the file containing the 3D joinery models (links to a Dropbox file). There are joineries listed contains the measurements used. The models were made using SketchUp so you may need to download the application (free) to view the files.

If on mobile, you can download the app "SketchUp Viewer" (free) to view the files. Once you have the app, you can download and open the 3D model files within the app  (you may need to have the Dropbox app as well).

The joineries were made based off a few resources, most notably the book "The Complete Japanese Joinery" (affiliate link). The book is an excellent resource explaining the techniques of marking and cutting the joineries.

The second link is to my Amazon recommendations page where I list my recommended books, measuring tools and sharpening stones.

If you've enjoyed the 3D models or feel in the mood, please do consider tipping a cup of coffee.

I will try making and uploading a few joineries every week, adding to the collection.

Thank you and happy woodworking!