Buy Jen a goat


What Am I Up To Now?

I'm living at Dancing Rabbit in Rutledge, MO! It's been a dream to live here for nearly a decade, and I finally got the chance to visit and participate in the work exchange program. I'm working with the Dairy Co-op where I'm learning to milk cows and goats, take care of chickens/turkeys/ducks/pigs/cows/goats, and enrich the land through rotational grazing practices. 

Why Buy Me A Coffee? 

Because exchanging my time and hard work for a roof over my head and food in my belly doesn't put money in the bank. I'll be producing content through blogging and occasionally videos about my time here at DR. If you have questions or want to see anything in particular, let me know! Your monetary support helps me continue to learn and contribute to the world in an ecologically sustainable and renewable way, and helps the community here to continue the great work they're doing. Hopefully, you learn a bit along the way too!