Yes it's already started off horrible, I'm thinking of never going back to Facebook and just sticking with Twitter! I wasn't expecting people on friends list have gotten really mean and horrible! It has to be because of all the booster shots they're getting! Luckily we found help to help us with a few groceries that we need! The debt part I don't know we're paying the bill's every 2 week's pay cheque to pay cheque! If our Boy's health was better I would be working, but I can't until we get the green light from the SickKids Hospital doctor's! I can't find anything to work from home but I'm studying when I can to hopefully work one day! My husband is the main incomer and makes enough to support us but with the inflation cost of Existing is horrible and money just doesn't last like it used too! Hopefully things one day will get better for boy's health!