Well today has gone by to fast! We managed to get some groceries and what we have will have to last us until payday! We always run out of the pay cheque before we should, so we're always short $200-$400 But everything is all about our Boy's from groceries, toy's and especially their homeschooling! I'm studying and hopefully one day I can work, but for our Boy's are my full time Job without any payments! Yes they get the baby bonus and it all goes towards them as well!

Life is full of ups and downs and good memories! I've tried to sell many things online just to make a bit of Money to help out but that only made $10.00! So for now we're just selling stuff on Market place on Facebook but you have to do in order to make end's meat! At the rate we are going we're going to have almost our belongings for sale just to get to the next pay cheque!

Life is way to expensive, we're all just existing and not living and there's no need for it! The Government's and the War's are ridiculous, because it's all about Greed and not helping anyone out!

We need to fight back for our Rights for ourselves and our children of the future! This inflation around the world needs to End! We need to fight for freedom and independence and Rights for living Humanity and our Pet's!

All I want is to be able to make a bit of Money from home until I can hopefully one day go out and work! We're the only one's on this planet earth that can change our World! We all have to work together to do it and get back to living again more affordable!