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Depressed, Anxiety, Sadness

Feb 21, 2023

Well it's been rough again I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with with all my Blogging! I've been really down, we're struggling to make end's meet! I have a garage sale group which has been helpful but not enough for what we need!

Now we're on a work vacation for my husband and right now without money for food or gas! I'm sorry but bill's have to get paid before we pay back others! So now trying to find money! My husband was approved for a thousand dollars loan but the loan has put it in other people's accounts and not ours! So we're screwed, we have rent on the first, we have health coverage and other bills to pay but still not enough money for everything! We need to eat and have gas for my husband to get to work!

If you want to help us you can buy me a coffee, or E-transfer me at eandjembury.ee[email protected] and my PayPal is https://www.paypal.me/ErinEmbury13

Thank you!

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