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 Hello!  The Gentle Yoga Warrior Here!  I'm super grateful you landed on my page. 

I run 'The Gentle Yoga Warrior's Conscious Conversations Podcast'

Thanks so much for landing on this page!

I'm saving up to develop my Podcast so that it can reach more people in need.

My podcast is free for anyone. I wish to do that so if my listeners could donate £5.00 or anything a month it has a great impact on my business.

If you love what I do,  if you feel inspired by it.  Please join the members program today.

We will give you free bonus material and monthly recorded yoga class.

It works out less than $2 an episode, and with the recorded yoga class too this deal is a winner.  

The Gentle Yoga Warrior is a energy healer, spiritual life coach and yogi who wishes to make these modalities available for others having experienced profound change. 

By buying her a tea/coffee you are helping her help others via her work.