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Hey, I´m Evelyn! 👋 

My aim is to make watercolor painting easy for everyone.. Every painting you see here, YOU CAN MAKE and even better, easily and fast! I´m an art teacher and I studied Academy of Fine Arts. You can make with me mainly nice watercolors of flowers, animals and we will get to the faces too! You don´t need any special aquarelle-s or guache, we will work with what you have and you will be amazed by yourself! You don´t have to have any special art skills. You will enjoy the process and stop being afraid about the results. My goal is that you are having fun when painting and not stressing about the result! 

Your support means a lot to me! By supporting me with your first 3 coffees, I am sending you one of paintings in PNG and also you get randomly choosed (by me) tutorial to make another painting by yourself! (leave email please!) Thank you so much.

Stay tuned and subscribe also to a monthly membership where we will talk about "making art", creating illustrations and many more stuff that will help you along the way to start somewhere! We will learn how to observe and how to paint and progress. By supporting me you give me more time and coffees to focus on myself and my new paintings and along the way you can learn many new things! 

Because only you decide if it is one day or day one!