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I like to wear hoodies but I live in a hot country.

Welcome to the journey my friends.. If you don't know where you have landed, it's right here on the coffee page of Eating Music… I'm Micha. Some people know me as Micke.. or Morphingaz.

I'm a music maker / songwriter / producer / turntablist / mentor / teacher and a loving husband and Pappa to 2 very sweet little ones, and aside from blissfully dadding to the max each day, I currently have some pro music goals. Can I tell you abit about that ?

One is to set up an education based Youtube channel to teach about making music electronically. This channel will also support homeless youth in Australia as we  grow our mentorship program Street2Stage in partnership with OE.

Another goal is to continue my work as a music production house. Creating music from all worlds and genres. The main aim, though, is to bring super high quality music and productions to you and frequently. Check

I'm in this thing to inspire, support and engage while building a community of wonderful souls to journey with me as we grow together. Ultimately i want to help people.. many people. 

 ..and a coffee or hot drink would be greatly appreciated once in a while as I continue to embark on this journey.

Our art is music and it’s our life... we do it for the love and so we can connect with people from all over the world.

I’d love for YOU to join me in making all of this possible. . . to become my partner on this journey. Together we can give some of this powerful and beautiful art / music / collaborations and stories a platform. Yes ? Ya with me ?

 Let's do it :)

Your hot drink contribution will enable me to deliver more great quality music into the world... and to thank you for coming aboard, I know that I can offer you so much in return and I plan to.

You can be a part of building up this brand while it grows and flourishes and potentially saves lives. 

.. lets grow together ... music is so powerful.

Thanks so much for reading all the way down. Now you know about some of these goals. Let's get to work and make things happen !

With love and loving light !

Micha aka Micky or Micke aka Micke Morphingaz.

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