So.. Literally EVERYTHING costs a fortune at the moment! In among all of the other stresses and trying to balance the books at the end of each week, eating well might not necessarily be top of your priority list. After all, cheap pasta or spaghetti hoops will do right? ..Erm, well yeah in the short term but we can honestly do better than that and not have it blow your food budget either.

I've had various periods in life where money was tricky, and trying to keep the food bills down to a minimum was hard - having a young family and having to rely on oven food (because honestly I really did think it was the most budget friendly option!) was a classic. Now that I'm older and wiser, I know differently. Eating too much of the beige food not only makes you feel like crap, it also isn't the most cost effective option.

After working with different community projects over the last couple of years to help provide free meal boxes for people who couldn't afford to eat well.. it became very clear that there is a lack of kitchen confidence out there that really causes a barrier for people going for the more healthy, wholefood, CHEAPER food options. There is a common misconception that you need meat and dairy for a balanced diet.. now this isn't a vegan rant, its just common sense.. THAT ISN'T SUSTAINABLE!!! whether you are coming at ti from an environmental stand point or an economic one. There are better protein options out there to help you to lower your cholesterol, help your overall physical and mental health without costing you a fortune. The key to this is going for a more 'wholefood - plant based' approach to eating.

My 'Healthy Eating on a Budget' guide is FREE for you to download and provides a simple snapshot to get you started. Easy recipes that are super simple to make and easy to adapt to your tastes as well as printable pages to help you to stick to your shopping list and keep those pennies in check!

Healthy Eating on a Budget Download

Happy Cooking!

Gemma x