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Hi everyone, my name is Andrei Rusu and I make vegan cakes and sweets(refined sugar-free). I use only nuts, seeds and lots of fruits. I know how bad is refined sugar for us and especially for people with cancer. 

This is one reason that pushes me to do what I am doing.

When I start this business I also start doing crazy endurance activities and raising money for people with cancer.

In 2020- I cycled from London to Paris.

In 2021- I cycled from London to Bucharest.

And this year I plan to run from London to Amsterdam.

But...and is a big but because with covid the number of orders decreased and I don't have enough money to cover the expenses for running from London to Amsterdam.

It will be one week, 350km and I will try to run every day around 60-80km. I need the money for food and places o stay and a pair of shoes.

It will be a total of £543

Till now I could cover them but now I need your help as much as you can.

You can check our website and also if you have questions about this please email us at [email protected]