Jan 20, 2022

Hello friends, welcome!

I suppose this will be a space where i express whatever that is top of mind. A mini blog shall we? or maybe just a quick journal prompt followed by my response? or possibly diarrhea of the mouth? who fucking knows but we're here now so might as well continue to roll with the punches.

Im not quite sure where this will go. Will I even publish this for the public to see? I honestly don't know but i guess we'll find out...

Well here i am - reflecting yet again.. and again.. and again...

The past couple of months ive observed my every move. What ive learned is how much clarity i crave, how i seek answers, how i wish to bypass the entire journey to obtain the final result. This obviously keeps me stuck. Then it dawns on me - I am my greatest set back. why is that? why is it that we see others to be greater than ourselves? why cant we view ourselves the way in which we view those we admire, and love so truly? why must we compare our own existence to one who lives a completely different reality than you do?

While i have no tangible answer for any of those questions, i am gifted with that in which i was seeking - Clarity.

I am the reason i view others to be greater than me. I am the reason i do not view myself the way i view my loved ones. I am the reason i compare myself to others i perceive to be "doing better" than myself. I am the reason i am stuck. I is attached to my mind, and disconnected from my truth.

"I" is 'my' EGO, and let me tell you... she's a sneaky bitch.

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