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Exalted vs WoD Fan Book Complete!

Jun 01, 2021


So a few months ago I embarked on a project. Holden Shearer, a Lead Dev for Exalted 3rd Edition, created a cross over between Exalted and World of Darkness running used the 20th Edition World of Darkness rules. Soon afterward, he created a version running of the popular and easier to use Powered By the Apocalypse (PbtA) Rules Set. The problem I found was the PbtA rules did not come with any of the marvelous fluff text he wrote explaining the cross over event and the changes between the Exalted Age of Legends and the now fallen World of Darkness.

So needing something to do with my time in quarantine, I combined it all!


Using Adobe Indesign and lots of Templates, I managed to put this together and I wanted to share my work! Hope you all enjoy!

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