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What caffeinating me does for you

Jun 19, 2021

I've been trying to think how I can repay all you wonderful people for fuelling my creativity so I've hatched a plan... It might be a terrible plan but it's better than no plan at all. Right?

For every 3 coffees I am gifted by you wonderous humans, I will randomly pick one of you to receive an original signed pencil sketch of an animal of their choice! That's a pretty OK plan I think, don't you think?

It'll be on a card with an envelope so you can gift it to someone or you could frame it or colour it in.
So many options! As soon as I hit each milestone I'll do the draw and announce it on my FB page (you are following my page on FB, aren't you?)

then you can choose what you'd like a drawing of and then I will post it out to you. If you are really lucky it might even have an actual coffee stain on it for added authenticity.

Here's a wee photo of what it could look like...

I love you all and I love doing sketches so fuel me up team Kelpie!

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