❄ it finally snowed, as I prepare for full moon readings I pause to give a thank you offering for the many blessings in-between the storms I've faced.
• A spiritual person will go through human experiences, & recently I’m struggling with some very raw feelings and emotions that are intense... I was taught by "family" to "heal in silence, struggle in solitude, don't show what's happening" but I'm learning that its ok to be vulnerable, to be transparent & to simply say, im not OK right now.
• I had a gentle reminder this morning, Not only are we facing worldwide challenges that have a ripple effect on us, we are facing our own challenges & realities.. I'm refocusing myself & learning how to create a new cycle... not just for myself but for my children as well.
• As I watch the snowfall I am reminded by my guides that snow is an element of purification giving us the opportunity to start new. What no longer serves us dies in the snow Winter kills it off allowing us to be reborn in the Spring. It's a moment of hibernation and rest, we can reflect what we have prepared for the Winter. The hibernation and rest the purification element allows us to be able to see things in a different way to be able to hear in a new way. I take a moment today to give thanks for the challenges that I have faced and knowing that the lessons I have learned will allow me to move forward in a stronger more prepared way.

🌕 EclecticBruja