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We’re Eco Medics, a small group of healthcare professionals on a mission to make healthcare sustainable and to the put the healthcare profession at the forefront of the response to the climate crisis.

We do this in our free time, alongside our busy NHS jobs. Although we donate our time for free, unfortunately things like our conference, events, Zoom subscription & website fees cost money. 

Furthermore, we recognise that the climate crisis has the greatest impact on those who are the least fortunate. With that in mind, it is our belief that nobody should be prevented from accessing our content or events due to their financial status. That is why all of our content and events are free and we are incredibly grateful to our sponsors, our grant providers, and to all of you who choose to Buy Us A Coffee, as it is thanks to your support that we are able to do what we do.

If you choose to donate by Buying Us a Coffee, we would be eternally grateful and you can sleep well in the knowledge that you are helping us on our mission to look after our planet as well as our patients!

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