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Do you find keeping up to date with environmental science intimidating?
Are you a small or medium business owner eager to go green but overwhelmed with everything to do?
Are you a teacher unsure how to tackle eco-anxiety in the classroom?

Become an EcoGeek and start your green journey today!

EcoThink Productions is the hub for the following climate change education resources:

1. The EcoThink Podcast:

Join co-host Maia and Yuko as they explore their EcoGeek curiosity by discussing scientific papers, journal articles, and interesting environmental news. Each episode will be an upbeat exploration of topics such as ocean acidification, the science of food waste, and clean energy. Special guests will help us dissect the nitty-gritty of some of these big topics to make them more engaging, actionable, and just a little geeky!

2. Free small business green strategy resources:

We regularly publish a free blog on where you can learn about how to start greening your business, prioritize your time and energy for optimal impact, and save money while doing so. We also provide free downloadable resources, strategy guides, and more on our website.

3. Fun and interactive climate change education resources:

We are producing a series of card and board games that are fun, interactive, and highlight our relationship with the environment.