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A Change in The Food Industry

A Change in The Food Industry

Feb 11, 2022

When I first moved to Florida, a very dear friend gave me an airfryer as a house warming gift. I use it a lot, it's easy, quick and easy clean-up. Over the past year, I've noticed their rise in popularity. I even saw an infomercial of one that Emeril Lagasse has out that just about does everything you would want. I swear with Alexa, a smart refrigerator and Emeril's airfryer, dinner would cook itself. 😂🤣

But I digress.

They have gotten so popular that in the past 3 or 4 months I've noticed frozen food packaging start to have airfyer instructions. I even saw airfryer chicken in the freezer case .

It's not often the popularity of a kitchen appliance changes the way the food industry does things. The Microwave and sometimes the toaster oven.

just an observation that's all.🙄

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