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Eden Books is the only online bookstore and social media platform dedicated to romance and women's fiction. Our focus is on independent, self-published authors within the genre. We believe in creative freedom, diverse voices in storytelling, and representation of all people in romance.  If you love what we're doing at Eden Books, please consider buying us a coffee! We can use the extra boost!
Nikki Horn
Nikki Horn is now a member.

Thank you for thinking outside of the box and giving authors a safe platform!

Thank you for your incredible support! You are appreciated so much!

Melissa Hanson
Melissa Hanson is now a member.

I have supported you since the beginning and I am not stopping now.

You have been the greatest gift to Eden Books! Thank you so much!!

Erin Wright
Erin Wright is now a member.

I love what you’re doing - thank you for supporting us romance authors! ❤️

Thank you so much, Erin!! Your support means everything!