Hi guys! :D

I decided to make a webcam overlay for anybody to use! Easy to use and stylish.

For OBS Studio.

1. Open OBS Studio/OBS.Live/other OBS-based software.

2. Make a new scene. (if you aleready have one, you can use that)

3.Add a new "Media Source"

4.Give it a name, press "Next"

5. Select file by pressing the "Browse" button.

6. After selecting the file, check the "Loop" box. (IMPORTANT)

7. Press "OK"

done :D

Now for the webcam mask:

1. Add a "Video Capture Device" (or use the one you already have)

2. Click on "Filters"

3. In the "Effect Filters" section, press on the "+" and select "Image mask/Blend"

4. In the Effect Properties tab, click on "Type" and select "Image Mask/Alpha Channel"

done :D

All you have to do next is position the overlay and webcam however you want.

I hope you enjoy :D