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Hey 👋 . In a nutshell, I am all about:

LTV = (purpose * profit) ^ (at scale)🔑 / Narrator @CodeLessPodcast 🎙/ Analogies + 👌🏾GIFs

I believe the best companies and networks are stages, where members (actors) become their best selves. I help my clients become heroes - connecting data, narrative, and experiential marketing in ways that align purpose and increase profit - at scale. 

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Thanks for doing awesome stuff and I can’t wait to listen to the Codeless Podcast! 

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Here’s a thank you for providing a ton of value for the codeless community and for persisting 19 episodes where most would have quit a long time ago. Can’t wait to learn a few tricks from the podcasting master! 

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You’ve already given me so much sauce, an easy 3 slices! 🙌🏾🍕

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