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LTV = (purpose * profit * talent) ^ (at scale) 

Edmund Amoye is a narrative architect dedicated to helping others acquire leverage. He uses conversational insights and experiential journeys to align purpose, profit, and talent - at scale.

He currently produces the **[CodeLess](** podcast, where he prioritizes mental models, immersive stories, and actionable inspiration in helping members unlock creativity and accelerate transformation. Season two launches in late October 2020. He also hosts **[I Want This to Exist](**, an exclusive meetup to share, validate, or set ideas free.

Edmund has professional tours of duty in luxury goods, hospitality, telecoms, and manufacturing. His next career safari will most likely involve building stages (ecosystems) for entrepreneurs of this decade to play their best scenes (start ventures). You can get access to Edmund by [joining his orbit]( 👨🏽‍🚀 🚀 🪐.