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Hi! Staś here. I hope you've been enjoying Education Bookcast!

The generous support of listeners helps the podcast to continue. This support comes from some amazing people: dedicated teachers, headteachers / school principals, education researchers, education technologists, and other unusual individuals interested in listening to hours of audio about education research and practice.

On our Zulip server, this community has so many fascinating, thoughtful and intelligent conversations. I’m so grateful to be part of those conversations, where I get lots of great ideas and recommendations, and can offer some of my own thoughts as well. I've already created some new episodes based on inspiration from the forum. See the image above for a preview.

If you would like to join, sign up for a “Membership” on this page. I would be grateful for your support, and would look forward to seeing you on Zulip.

My listeners are from all over the world at all stages of their careers, so there are several tiers to choose from. (As another option, the “Support” button is for one-off support, without access to the Zulip community).

Thanks again, and enjoy the podcast!