Jul 22, 2022

What was your teacher training like?

I'm interested in teacher training. It seems to me, from what I've been able to gather, that teacher training is not very helpful in most of the English-speaking world. I've been having trouble getting much information on this, so I'm hoping some listeners of the podcast could help.I've opened a stream on the forum to talk about this. I would be very grateful to anybody who would like to contribute any information or stories about their experiences. I am sure that... more

Jul 21, 2022

Already a big difference

It's now just under 24 hours since I announced the forum and the support page, and I have 2 subscribers, both at the Coffee + Sandwich level. This extra £12 per month is enough to pay for increasing my podcast hosting plan from 160 MB/month upload limit to 540 MB/month. That's the equivalent of being capped at around 3 episodes per month, versus being able to upload up to 9 episodes per month. Thank you so much guys, and I hope you enjoy the Zulip forum!... more

Already a big difference
What was your teacher training like?

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