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Greetings. I wrote most of the content on the website Educated in Law. I write about topics such as statutes vs laws, federal citizen vs state national, traveling versus driving, and US vs USofA. I've been writing since about 2017 and each day learn more.

Lately, I've been making graphical elements, since we're visual people, and of course now send out non-domestic, 'without United States', letters and postcards to help people see United States is just the federal/contract gov't and the territories; it's not the 50 states.

I do think the non-domestic letters and postcards can be used to help establish jurisdiction and status. I also hang my original state flag. 

On this page one can buy me a coffee, become a member, and purchase an Extra. See the navigation above for all the options. 

Download the free PDF on the Extras page and share with friends at social gatherings. The goal is to plant a seed of knowledge that will gradually grow in people. 

For the letters and postcards, do not write thy location in the comment area. Instead email me at guide AT (change "AT" to @)

Looking forward to more coffee and thy support! 

Educated in Law

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