Jan 30, 2023

Four ways they deceive us, and more posts

Jan 11, 2023

Nine-page hand-out to print and share

Jan 05, 2023

Youtubers: Red, Right, and Blue

Hi Supporters: Quick note to say the new YouTubers called Red, Right, and Blue have videos with clear directions about establishing status, such as authenticating the long-form birth-certificate and completing an Affidavit of Repudiation. Here is a link: Red, Right, and Blue - YouTube. Their content is partially based on David: Straight Seminars (David Straight Live!). Wanted to send this quick note to make thee aware. I have not exhaustively reviewed their directions. I cannot endorse all they... more


Jan 02, 2023

New graphic: the borders of USA vs US vs US Inc.

Dec 28, 2022

Do all TSA guidelines apply to residents but not the people?

Hi supporters - Here's a new post I wrote about a TSA press release that only mentions residents. Could it be that none of the TSA rules apply to non-residents? Is the TSA merely watching the people of the territories? Plus, I know about the 50 states part of USofA, but I've never heard of "U.S. states". Does that mean "United States states"? Pro tip: United States has territories but does not have States, at least in the way we think of States. Before I paste the... more

Dec 19, 2022

Using non-domestic letters to establish domicile. A miracle on thy street. Kris of the Kri

Well it's Christmas season and unexpectedly I found a political point within the famous film, Miracle on 34th Street. If Kris Kringle won his court case because the post office delivered letters to him, then we can likely use letters to establish not who we are but where we are. And that would be 'without United States', meaning not in one of the territories. We live within one of the 50 states. We use the postcards to establish domicile. Here's a link to the new blog post.... more

New graphic: the borders of USA vs US vs US Inc.
New post: Sign here? OK. Here's a stop sign.
For all supporters, I can send a postcard using four cents postage
Four new posts
What does 'first name' mean? It's the BURGER in BURGER KING.

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