Who am I? John Doe?

Just kidding, I ain't Joe.I'm Eduardo, a Senior Software Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the field.I'm specialized in Microsoft technologies such as Blazor, .NET and Azure.Yes, I also have vast experience on Angular and Javascript, but I'll tell you a secret! I like Blazor better.I am the creator of FairPlayTube: The Next Generation Of Video Sharing Portals.I also have a YouTube channel where I teach Software Development on .NET, Azure, and Unity 3dI love... more

Aug 19

Instantiate Generic Types With Reflection
NET Reflection is a way to dynamically obtain information about assemblies, and it also allows you t

Oct 12

Automatically Generate Video Transcriptions
When you share video on the internet, a common way to improve them to help your audience better, is

Oct 11

How To Automatically Generate Your Blazor CRUD
There are many times where you may find yourself in the need of quickly creating internal admin port

Oct 09

Automatically Generate Your C# Shared Models From EF Core Entities
A common approach in Software Development when using .NET Applications with Entity Framework, is to

Oct 08

How To Display Google Ads In Blazor
One of the most widely used ways to monetize web applications, is through Ads, one of the providers

Oct 07

Who am I? John Doe?
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