The Next Generation Of Video Portals

The Next Generation Of Video Portals

Sep 19, 2021

Thousands of video content creators are complaining about how difficult it is for them to earn the money they deserve from their creations, most of the current big platforms are actually profiting from creators free content, without paying creators for their hard work, which is unfair to the creators.

Let's assume you are a creator and it takes you around 1 year to be able to request access to monetization options. Let's assume you uploaded 20 videos of 1 hour each, that's 20 hours of video content, now, let's assume you have a rate of $10/hour, that's $200 you as a creator deserve to earn from your content, now, that's without considering the time it took you to prepare all of the material for each video, and the editing time you invested to make them cool, let's assume it took you another hour for each video, then, it's $400 you deserve to earn from your creations, however, with most of the existent platforms, your are essentially working hundreds of hours for free, allowing them to make lots of money while you earn nothing.

You as a creator deserve to be remunerated from the very beginning of your journey, especially in middle of a pandemic, where thousands of persons lost their jobs and need to figure out ways to make a living, here is where FairPlayTube comes to the rescue.

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