Azure is the best Cloud provider you'll find out there, it offers the best services, with the best user experience.

One of the many cool services you'll find in Azure is named Custom Vision.

Azure Custom Vision allows you to perform customized image analysis based on your data, using machine learning techniques, it works this way, you upload the photos, you tag them, train the model, and then you can upload new photos and the system will predict the tags for you.

My team has been developing a system currently named "Food Info", this system was created as a utility of users to have a better understanding of the diseases associated to the ingredients they are eating.

Food Info uses Azure Custom Vision to identify the regions in the image which contain elements such as the brand, the ingredients and the nutrition facts table, and the uses OCR techniques to read the text in those regions, we are planning to use this to be able to feed the system data by just taking photos of the products.

The system is currently on development, and there is still a lot to do in there, but you can check the current progress on it here.