FairPlayTube: The Next Generation Of Video Sharing Portals, is more than just a website to share video, FairPlayTube is a platform which has a huge potential to generate billions of dollars on revenue while at the same time give creators and consumers in-platform tools for them to even make a living.

One of the reasons I want FairPlayTube to generate billions of dollars, is that I want to be able to eventually do generous donations to people in need, hurricans, tsunamis, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes frequently cause people around the world to lose their belongings, COVID-19 pandemic caused thousands of job loss around the world, and even today, many have not recovered.

Technology is advancing so fast, and so much that we already know soon many more persons will lose their jobs due to it being automated or replaced by robots, but people will still need to make a living, FairPlayTube is a platform that could help those persons make a living, and enjoy life without worrying to much about not being able to pay the bills, or worse, the food.

You can follow FairPlayTube progress here: https://www.facebook.com/Fairplaytube-106615948308091