Hello! My name is George Egan however I’m better known as E.G.A.N and I’m a new and upcoming Music Producer, Singer-Songwriter and Rapper from Kingston Upon Hull, England.

I make all kinds of music, from EDM to Rap and so much more. I love music and it’s my number one hobby to both create and listen to tracks by a huge selection of artists.

On this page I’m going to give you guys Exclusive Access To My Work! Meaning every song I create will be posted here exclusively for you guys First.

I will also run competitions, do Q&A’s and so much more so think of this as an exclusive club!

My goal is to be the next big thing in music but I can’t do it without your help :)

1% of my income from this is donated to Climate Change Charity’s through Stripe and I’m also going to give a further 10% of said income to Mind charity as i believe strongly in mental health awareness (I’ll post evidence of each monthly donation to mind here too)

thank you for your time and support,

E.G.A.N :)