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Hi! ❄️

I am Hironichu, also known as Ekko or Mightyfox (depending on the mood :O)

I am a developer now freelance since last year, I am coding in a lot of languages, web is the one I have spent the most time.

I am currently working on a browser video game, a mini RPG to be precise. the game is made for an Event that a friend is hosting for the end of the year.

But as I was coding more and more, I wanted to just do way MORE ! so the game will have quite a lot of stuff to explore, and so I am not asking but some support would be much appreciated, everything I do is entirely made by me or "homemade", from the game design to the sound design (made by a friend and me) I want to create an entire universe of my image.

I will try to upgrade this buy me a coffee page as frequently as possible!